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Stock Cash Basic

First understanding Stock cash is important. Stock cash refers to "Shares" of listed companies. Shareholder is owner of the company to the value of share holded by him. Buying of shares low and selling them at high or shorting them at high and buying them again at low are some ways to earn profit in intraday or in short term trades. There is facilities like Limits provided by Brokers on clients on their real capital allows client a leverage to trade on bigger capital than there actual capital. As per risk perspective using limit is riskier than trading on real capital as the shareholder is not allowed to hold shares purchased on limit to be holded for infinite period. Share provide different earning ways i.e from dividends, Increase in price of shares. As this Service is for traders so they are left with one option to earn profits only through veryshort term fluctuation in price of shares. Refer to our service features to get an understanding on how it works.

What we serve to you?

    • Limited but Quality 2-3 calls on a daily basis.
    • Proper follow ups of calls with Timely Entry and Exit with Stop loss.
    • Proper customer support & follow up.
    • Calls will be provide via SMS.
    • All our recommendations are generated in NSE

Sample Calls:

    Buy Infosys @ 1055-1056 , TGT 1063, 1070, Sl 1046

    Buy Ibrealest @ 249 , TGT 250.50, 252 , Sl 247.50

Follow Up Calls:

Infoysys hit our 1st TGT @ 1063  , Please book Partial Profit 

Ibrealest hit our 1sr TGT @ 250.50 , Please book Partial Profit , 

Book full profit in Ibrealest TGT 2 @ 252  Achieved 





Half Yearly