In this service we provide Intraday as well as Positional recommendation on those scripts in which bigger movement is expected. We select the script based on thorough technical and fundamental analysis, so as to get maximum returns out of the movement. For analyzing in detail the product offering please go through service features. 

What we serve to you? 
*  Quality 2-3 calls on a daily basis with proper target and Stoploss 

*   Telephonic support from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM 
    Telephonic support means client can talk to the executive in case he/she is having any   query/doubts related to the given recommendations 

*  Proper follow ups of calls with Timely Entry and Exit with Stoploss. 

*  All Important News & Data.. 

*  Calls will be provide via SMS 

*  All the calls will be provided with a strict stop loss value. 

* Regular updates regarding market structure. 

* Weekly performance report. 

* Daily after-market support for queries and issues. 

Sample Calls: 
Buy Tatasponge @ 1115-1120, TGT 1135, 1150, Sl  1100 

Buy TCS above 2728  TGT 2760,  2790, Sl 2710 

Positional Call Buy Aban Offshore Above 227.50 , TGT  235 ,240  Sl 221  

Follow Up Calls: 
Tatasponge hit our 1st TGT @ 1135 , Please book Partial Profit  

TCS hit our 1st TGT @ 2760 , Please book Partial Profit  

Book full Profit in TCS TGT 2 @ 2790 Achieved 

Aban Offshore hit our 1st TGT @ 235 , Please book partial Profit, Adjust Sl to Cost to Cost for the Remaining Position