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We are provider of recommendations involving buying or selling of financial securities across different segment of Financial market. We currently provide recommendation in Cash , Future & option Segment of Stock market , Commodities futures and Currency market. Our all recommendation are based on technical analysis and supported by fundamental factors including news etc . As our core methodology for indentifying price movements is technical analysis we think its important for us to give a briefing about technical analysis.

Technical analysis : Technical analysts don’t concern themselves with a stock’s valuation – the only thing that matters are past trading data and what information the data might provide about future price movements. Like in fundamental analysis there is comparatively less focus to financial but some technical analyst uses some important factors like P/E ratio, dividends etc to find near term trading opportunity combined with technical analysis. Some important concepts involved in technical analysis :

  • Charting Technique (Trend lines, Support/Resistance, Channel etc)
  • Indicator/Oscillators (For relative study of momentum/volatility/flow of money/ Market Breadth)
  • Elliot wave theory & other major concepts developed by technical analyst of the decade.
  • After having introduced to Technical analysis, below we have divided our services under two major head :