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Stock Option Basic

Stock Option: It is totally different category of derivative segment. Options are of two types Call option & Put option. In brief Call option is bought when one have bullish view on share & Put option are bought if one have bearish view on share. One have to pay premium for buy Call or Put option. There are different trading startegy for trading in options only like strip/strap, straddle, Combination on long put and stock cash & Call etc. Our service depend on risk profile and Trading style of a trader/investor. Is is a risky compared to stock cash but reward is also high. Refer to our service features to get an understanding on how it works

What we serve to you?

    • Calls will be provide on both Nifty and Stocks.
    • Limited but quality almost 15 -20 calls on a Monthly basis.
    • Proper follow ups of calls with Timely Entry and Exit with Stoploss.
    • All Important News & Information.
    • Daily & Weekly Reports.
    • Proper customer support & follow up.
    • Calls will be provide via SMS

Sample Calls:

    Buy Icil 130 call option above 6.10 TGT 6.70, 7.40, Sl 5.50

    Buy Capf 780 call option @ 28 TGT 32, 36 , SL 24

Follow Up Calls:

Icil 130 call option hit our 1st TGT @ 6.70 , Please book Partial Profit 

Capf 780 call option hit our 1st TGT @ 32 ,Please book Partial Profit 





Half Yearly